Latest Additions and Upgrades

Expanded Garden 

We expanded our garden with 2200 square meters around our new Superior Suites as can be seen in image below.

New Superior Suites 

Two new Superior Suites were added to La Plume Boutique Guest House giving us a total of five Superior Suites and a portfolio of 20 Rooms & Suites.

We were in a pickle with the naming of our new units. At La Plume our Rooms & Suites are named after the various feather types of the Ostrich. Unfortunately these feather types are of limiting number and all of them were already given to our Rooms & Suites. With the new units we decided to include the names used to describe the overall feather appearance of the bird. We are excited to introduce our new Suites named:

Albino and Blondine

Keeping up with tradition, these suites also offer the most amazing panoramic views of the area from the comfort of the chaise lounges in the bay windows.

Our latest addition: Albino

All 20 of our Rooms & Suites are individually furnished and decorated to create an environment where our guests can relive the glory and the overflowing wealth of yesteryear.

Our latest addition: Blondine

Farm Tour Vehicle

Bartel, the owner, acquired a Game Drive Vehicle used for transporting booked Farm Tour guest. The new vehicle gives guest a 360 degree view of the farm from a high vantage point while this exclusive tour is guided by Bartel himself.

Ostrich Breeding Birds on the La Plume Grounds

Two Ostrich breeding pairs were located into fenced off camps along the on-site parking area of La Plume. Bartel breeds naturally with these two pairs giving La Plume guest the opportunity to experience the natural breeding process of ostriches with chicks hatching in nature and raised by their parents.  In breeding season guest may be fortunate enough to experience the hatching process of small chicks like the guest in the image below experienced on April 16th, 2017.